If one room is consistently used every day, it’s your bathroom. When choosing the right floor to put in
your bathroom, not only do you have to pick something that will hold up against water, but also to
moisture and humidity. You also want to choose something that will be easy to install, especially when
the space is smaller and you’re working around a toilet and sink.

1. Vinyl Flooring: Plank or Tile

Luxury Vinyl Flooring has become increasingly popular the last few years for many reasons, the first
being its low maintenance. For such a high traffic area, cleaning LVP in your bathroom is as easy as using
a Bona Cleaning product once a week. We also love luxury vinyl plank in the bathroom because of its
water impermeability.

Another great advancement of luxury vinyl plank is the styles offered. Most people know the popular
plank that is used in large rooms, but did you also know LVP is also made to look like tile? In fact, there
are some LVT’s out there that look like actual marble tiles until you feel them. Here’s a photo so you can
be as blown away as we are.

2. Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is the flooring that all other flooring is jealous of because it works in every space.
It works well in high moisture conditions because of its plywood base. Not only does it hold up well
against moisture, but it is also dimensionally stable. This means it is able to keep its size better than a
traditional solid hardwood that tends to expand and shrink with change in humidity.

3. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Arguably the best choice for your bathroom floor, porcelain and ceramic tile is waterproof, fairly
inexpensive, and it’s just nice to look at. There are many options to choose from when it comes to size,
style, and color. Many people also opt to use a smaller tile for one main reason: smaller tiles means
more grout is used which results in a surface that is not as slippery.
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