There is a belief that engineered hardwood is not as durable or long lasting as solid hardwood, and that
is simply not true. Engineered hardwood is designed to give you the aesthetic look of solid hardwood for
a reasonable price. It can even be used in places where solid hardwood should not, like basements.

1. Myth: Engineered hardwood lacks durability

Engineered hardwood is in many ways superior to solid hardwood. In fact, many manufacturers stand
behind their product so confidently, they offer warranties starting at 30 years! Prefinished engineered
floors also often have long lasting, durable finishes that can last years.

2. Myth: Engineered hardwood looks cheap

Maybe the engineered hardwood from thirty years ago looked plastic-y and cheap, but today’s product
ain’t your mama’s engineered wood. In fact, it’s become difficult to tell solid hardwood and engineered
hardwood apart when just looking at a floor. A high-quality engineered floor will look and feel exactly
like a real hardwood floor.

3. Myth: Engineered hardwood cannot be refinished

False. In fact, you can by unfinished engineered hardwood that’s sole purpose is to be sanded down and
finished. This allows you to choose the perfect color. As long as the wood has been nailed, stapled, or
glued down, it can be refinished!