LVP flooring is in right now, and with as much time as everyone has spent stuck in their homes the last year, so is cleaning. How do you clean something that looks like hardwood but isn’t hardwood? Remember these few tips to keep your LVP flooring looking like new!

1. Just because it’s wet, doesn’t mean it’s clean

You know what’s kind of gross? Mops. I mean like old-school, fast-food mops. The ones that you spray with a hose to get it sort of clean, but you know it will never be that “new mop head white” clean again. You know what’s not gross? Microfiber mops. These mops are the best tool to use on your floors because they use very little water. If you use a traditional always gray mop, the extra water can seep into the seams of your flooring, causing damage to the planks and subfloor.

2. Only use cleaners marked for LVP use

Never use a wax or polish on a luxury vinyl floor. Just don’t do it. You’ll leave streaks and residue behind, and we’ll shake our heads when we walk through the door. If you are going to use a cleaning product to clean your LVP, make sure it is approved to be used on laminate. Ask your flooring expert about getting a Bona Cleaning Kit once your project is complete!

3. Prior Proper Planning Permits Plank Perfection

If you can say that three times fast, we’ll give you a free flooring estimate. Keep these tips in mind when trying to maintain your new LVP floors!

  • Keep your pet’s nails trimmed regularly
  • Use felt pads underneath your furniture and replace them 3-6 months
  • Steer clear of using abrasive tools on your floors, like steel wool
  • Use a welcome mat to catch any dirt and bacteria it can

If you have any questions about cleaning and maintaining your new LVP floors, contact a flooring expert