When choosing natural stone flooring, you're investing in a floor covering that could last a lifetime. These floors can last more than 100 years with ease with a professional installation.

But there are plenty of other benefits to enjoy in this product line. And you'll want to know about them as you shop for the perfect flooring.

Questions about natural stone flooring

Is natural stone a good flooring choice?

Stone products offer incredible durability, but they're also unique and personal. You'll enjoy extensive durability, stunning visuals, and an impressive lifespan of a stone floor in every room.

Where should I install natural stone flooring?

One of the best things about natural stone flooring is enjoying it in every room. It's impressive as a floor covering in a formal area but offers a rustic charm at the same time.

Which stone floor is best?

Each natural stone floor offers a wealth of specific benefits. To choose the best one, compare your needs with those benefits.

For instance, some stones will protect you more if you need the best heat resistance. But some offer impeccable stain resistance or scratch protection.

Are natural stone tiles as good as regular stone floors?

Natural stone tiles are an excellent way to use this flooring material. Regardless of shape or size, you'll get the same great benefits from each stone type.

But you'll find tiles are easier to manage and install and can be easier to clean. They are perfect for every area.

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