It’s Friday night and you’re sitting on your couch listening to the local weatherman talk about the impending winter weather conditions for the weekend. You hear him mention temperatures in the twenties, strong gusts of wind, and lots of precipitation, but you continue to sip your cocoa because you have fuzzy socks on. The next morning you wake up and walk to the thermostat to turn the heat up when you stop. Your socks are wet? You look down and there’s a puddle of water leaking from the baseboard, soaking your hardwood floors. What do you do?

1. Don’t Panic

Lay some towels down to soak up what water you can while you curse under your breath that you don’t have time for this. Once those feelings have been vented out, pick up the phone and call your Mr. Hardwood flooring experts where you will be put in touch with a consultant who will schedule an appointment to take a look at your floors right away to assess the damage and provide a remedy. While you are waiting for your consultant to arrive, it is recommended to increase airflow as best as possible by opening doors, windows, setting your fan setting to ON instead of AUTO, and/or pointing fans and dehumidifiers towards the damaged floor. This will obviously depend on the weather outside, but anything you can do to help minimize damage will help in the long run.

2. Inspect the Extent of the Damage

Depending on how large the leak is will determine if the damage is minor and cosmetic or major and destructive. Never try to repair the flooring yourself! We will ask you the following:
• How long has water covered the floor?
• What kind of flooring has been damaged?

3. Mr. Hardwood to the Rescue

Whether we can perform a small area repair or we need to repair a large portion of the floor, we will be able to supply all necessary material and equipment needed to make your floors beautiful again. One of the reasons it’s recommended to keep a leftover box or two of your flooring on hand is to make moments like this easier. Don’t worry if you don’t have any extra flooring, though. We are floor matching experts!