Hardwood floor cleaning services


Hardwood floor cleaning services

From Acworth to Woodstock, Kennesaw to Marietta, and throughout the greater Atlanta area — homeowners across Georgia have trusted Mr. Hardwood Inc. for superior hardwood floor cleaning services and award-winning service. Once the floor has been chosen and installed, the most common question we receive is: “How can I care for my new floor?” While we always advise that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning hardwood floors, here are a few helpful tips to ensure your hardwood floors provide you with years of durability and worry-free maintenance.

Restoring shine

At Mr. Hardwood Inc., we use only the finest flooring products, made by top industry manufacturers. When your flooring is installed, we provide you with the manufacturer’s recommendations for your particular type of flooring, and we always advise you to get your hardwood floors professionally cleaned. While our products provide you with years of beauty, even the best materials can dull over time. So, when cleaning hardwood floors no longer restore their shine, you may want to consider re-coating the floor with a surface finish. If you would like product recommendations based on your particular floor; we’ll be happy to provide suggestions!



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Prevention is key

Looking for a quote for cleaning your hardwood floors? Well, the work starts before the floors get dirty! Simply placing a throw rug or mat at doorways and high traffic areas is a great way to protect your floor from scratches and grime. We also recommend placing felt pads under furniture legs, this will protect your floors from scratches caused by moving furniture. Regularly vacuuming or dust mopping also prevents excess dirt buildup and can improve the longevity of your hardwood floors.

At Mr. Hardwood Inc., we are pleased to be your hardwood floor cleaning experts and proudly serve homeowners and businesses throughout Georgia. Whether you are in Acworth, Atlanta, Marietta, Woodstock, Kennesaw or anywhere in between, we can provide you with the quality floors you want. Please contact us via phone or email to schedule your free in-home hardwood floor cleaning estimate today!