Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing is an essential service

Hardwood floor refinishing is an essential service for any homeowner with hardwood flooring. It strips away years of wear and abuse, bringing your surfaces back to a like-new look again. And it can help your floors last over 100 years, as they should.

When you choose a hardwood service like this, you'll see a beautiful difference. It's more affordable than replacing your floors and gives you many opportunities. You'll want to learn more about how these services can work for you.

Knowing when your floors need refinishing

Wood floor refinishing is necessary once wear begins to show. You may see scratches, water spots, or excessive wear on the floor's surface. You can also ask for an assessment if none of those are present to see if refinishing is needed.

Choosing to refinish your floors stops the natural breakdown of your flooring. This adds years to its lifespan and restores the surface to a like-new look. And you can refinish your floors several times over the lifespan.

The refinishing process

Sanding floors is the first step in this service, which removes the surface to reveal a fresh layer of wood. This is the layer we apply the new stain color and finish type.

The service time will depend on your specific requirements and preferences. Some homeowners choose to change their stain color and finish type at this point. It can look like you've installed brand new flooring for impressive decor matching.



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Refinishing all wood floors

Wood floor refinishing is available for both solid and engineered wood flooring. Solid wood can go through the refinishing process several times over its lifespan. But the number of times for engineered floors depends upon the thickness of the wood veneer.

Wood floors feature construction with layers of plywood topped with a natural wood veneer. The thicker the outside, the more you can refinish the surface before replacing it. And engineered floors can last up to 30 years with a professional installation.

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