Iron baluster installation


Atlanta iron baluster installation

Wrought iron baluster installation is beautiful, functional and can be a great addition to your Atlanta home.
Wrought iron baluster installation and railings are a natural complement to hardwood flooring, and are a great way to update your staircase.
Mr. Hardwood can install your wrought iron balusters and railing quickly while providing:

  • Custom staircase design - We can work from a picture of a design you like, or develop a custom one to reflect your personal sense of style.
  • Variety of styles & finishes - You can mix and match straight, twisted, hammered, round, ribbon, curved, knuckled, baskets, and scrolled types of balusters in bronze, copper, and nickel finishes.
  • Affordable options - We have balusters at various price ranges to meet your budget.

Our affordable wrought iron balusters and railing installation plans include:

Transform your baluster: beautiful wrought iron is both form and function.

More people are choosing iron baluster installation instead of wood because of:

  • Style - New balusters can transform a basic hand rail into an elegant work of art.
  • Safety - Wrought iron railings are much stronger than their wooden counterparts. They can even hold a persons entire body weight without breaking.



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